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Top 10 Programming Languages You Should Learn

2021 has provided a massive rise to digital technology, resulting in a huge increase in the consumption of software developers. While studying different programming languages and developing skills is absolutely necessary for any programmer looking towards advancements in their career, choosing which languages to study is just as vital. In order of importance, here is a comprehensive list of 10 programming languages anticipated to govern in the near future. If you are striving to enhance your skills, this guide will help.

Now, let us discuss about the top 10 programming languages you should learn:

1. Python

 ‘Python’ is amongst the most prominent and extremely fast computer languages, with robust and very well infrastructure. It is free to use and understand. It is commonly employed in businesses. In website designing, the ‘Django’ architecture, which is predicated on ‘Python’, is widely adopted. ‘Python’ is the default language for machine learning algorithms. It is no wonder that top companies such as ‘Spotify’, ‘Amazon’, ‘Instagram’ and ‘Facebook’ prefer programming in Python. In the United States, python programmers with only a few years of expertise can expect to earn approximately $107K per year which is roughly 8lakh rupees per year in India.

2. PHP

 The PHP programming language was designed with the goal of operating a private website in mind. It is used over around 24% of the world’s web pages. PHP is used in certain major web systems, such as ‘Laravel’. PHP is used by platforms such as ‘Yahoo’, ‘Facebook’, and ‘Mailchimp’. PHP developers with only a few years of expertise make roughly $101,000 per year in the United States and about 7lakh rupees annually in India.

3. Kotlin

‘JetBrains’ created ‘Kotlin’, which is an overall language of programming. This can work alongside Java and supports structured programming languages. Android advancement, web design, and development, desktop software advancements along with server advancement are all common uses of this language. ‘Kotlin’ is used in most of Google’s application areas. Kotlin programmers with only a few years of expertise might expect to earn roughly $140k per year in the United States and approximately around 8lakh rupees in India.

4. Java

 In 1991, James Gosling designed the Java programming language. In the market, Java capabilities were always been in popularity. From research areas to banking facilities along with the online and mobile programming software and desktop software advancements, Java does have a wide application core in the sector. Java is used significantly by a number of companies, notably by the HCL, IBM, Infosys, and many others. Java computer programmers with a few years of professional experience might expect to earn roughly $117,500 per year in the United States and about 10lakh rupees in India.

5. R

 R is a sophisticated and quantitative analytic language that runs optimally on GNU, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It was created by ‘Robert Gentleman’ and ‘Ross Ihaka’ in the year 1992. Computer Science, Empirical Computation, and Algorithms all utilize it. R is regarded as the computer language of the coming generation, despite its difficulty to be acquired. This language has been used in order to program by Cognizant, Capgemini, Accenture along many others. R programmers with a few years of industry experience earn roughly $150k per year in the United States and approximately 9lakhs every year in India.

6. Swift

Swift is an openly accessible, overall language of programming created by Apple. Swift is a programming language for macOS and iOS apps that is strongly affected by Python.  Swift is used in creating over 50% of the apps in the Apple App Store. Slack, 9GAG, Apple and other huge technology companies use Swift to code. Swift programmers with a few years of professional experience can make almost $107,500 per year in the United States and around 11lakh rupees in India.

7. C++

 C++ is one of the earliest, most effective, and versatile programming languages available. It was designed to facilitate entity programming and comes with a large number of built-in frameworks. This is used to make windows programs, internet & mobile apps, game design, and pervasive computing, among other things. C++ is used by Microsoft, Adobe, Google along with a number of other companies. However, C++ coders with a very few years of industry experience might earn around US$100,000 per year and around 12lakh rupees per year in India.

8. JavaScript

 With the emergence of technologies like Node.js, JavaScript has become the go-to language for the creation of websites along with server-side and backside programming. JavaScript is also utilized in game designing and IoT. JavaScript is used by tech titans such as Google, PayPal, and Microsoft on a constant schedule. Nevertheless, JavaScript engineers with a little professional experience can earn around $117k per year in the US and approximately 12lakh rupees annually India.

9. C Sharp

 C Sharp is a programming language that is quick and enables a huge number of frameworks for advanced capabilities, making it the best alternative to C++. C sharp is used by a number of well-known computer companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Cyber Infrastructures Inc. C Sharp developers with a little expertise can make around $102k per year in the United States and approximately 10lakh rupees in India annually.

10. Go

Google created Go, which is often abbreviated as Golang for use in APIs and internet applications. This was intended to address the requirements of developers working on major projects due to the language’s clarity, current structure, and syntactic familiarity. Golang developers earn almost US$75k per year and around 13lakh rupees per year in India.

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